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China Electric Motor Manufacturing Industry Forecast 2014

2014/9/5      view:

At present , China has nearly 2000 electric motor plantations and factories, despite the large number of companies, there's a considerable percentage of small businesses . Experts pointed out that due to too many manufacturers and productions, the market drives prices down to compete with each other to seize the situation. Products of low quality, lowe prices, industry margins are thin and so on, these have become the main reasons affecting the survival and development of the China electric motor industry.

Motor itself is a labor-intensive product, it's difficult to make profit without mass-production, so the industry is currently very meager profits , the national motor industry employing about 300,000 people in 2003, the industry realized profits of only $ 280 million. It is understood that , even in some of the benefits of good business , last year's net profits amounted to less than 5 %.

Meanwhile, the majority of small businesses producing technology, however , the motor industry, there are a lot of substandard quality phenomenon. According to the survey , waste , defects, rework and other undesirable loss of motor business on average at about 10% , while the motor companies substandard level of foreign industrial countries generally 0.3 %.

According to "China Electric Motor Manufacturing Industry Production & Marketing Demand Forecast and Transformation & Upgrading Report" Analysis: While the motor industry is an old traditional industries , however, matching motor industries indispensable . Moreover, some of the larger area of large motor business , which is good location, after mergers and acquisitions, will bring very substantial benefits and financial resources to the acquirer .