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1.Talent First
Nanyang Explosion Protected Electrical Apparatus Research Institute (CNEx) and ShangHai Electric combine their senior executive and technical experts to established Suzhou CEX motor Co., Ltd 。

From Dassault aircraft company and Jiamusi electric machine company limited and Nanyang Explosion protection group co., Ltd. of high-end talent to join, brings us a valuable intellectual resources 。

Some postgraduates who are graduated from the United States, Britain and domestic famous university, enter the fresh blood for us.

2.Research Methods

The only company in Chinese motor industry do the simulation analysis

                                                        QFW-15-2 Turbonator

                                     Modal analysis of motor driving reciprocating compressor


                                            QFW-15-2 Stator Modal M1


                                                   QFW-15-2 Rotor Modal M1

 3.Management Tool
Management-Product Lifecycle Management

 4. Excellent Equipment