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High speed synchronous motor T series

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Technical parameters:

Rated voltage: 3000V, 6000V, 10000V

Capacity range: 500 kW ~6300kW

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Fixed: S1

Synchronous speed: 1500, 1000r/min

Insulation grade: F

Shaft center height: 630mm

Efficiency: by the user and manufacturer protocol

Power factor: 0.9 (lead)

At rated voltage step torque and rated torque than the guarantee value 1.7

At rated voltage locked rotor torque and rated torque than the guarantee value 1

At rated voltage pull in torque and rated torque than the guarantee value 0.7

At rated voltage and rated current of the locked rotor current is to ensure that the value is 7

Technical characteristics

Design wind road, magnetic circuit, circuit optimization, so that the motor has good electrical properties, electromagnetic low noise, high efficiency and energy saving superior.

Three dimensional software design, supplemented by analysis software using the finite element method to the electromagnetic field, temperature field, structure analysis, ensure the high reliability of motor.

The solid pole structure, can be used for steel mill drive sintering machine, fan and other large inertia load.

Starting motor with soft starting, starting scheme is determined by the resistance torque load and moment of inertia.

Range of use

Can be used to drive fans, pumps and compressors and other large rotational inertia device.

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